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Not enough leaders or expertise to get it all done?
Laurel Bay Marketing can help.

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We'll assemble the ideal team to provide strategic services on a fractional basis.

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Hire the ideal marketing executive or specialist to augment your team.

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Veteran fractional executives at your service

As fractional leaders, we possess the same wisdom and expertise as our full-time counterparts.

Most of us have already experienced great success in our careers and find ourselves seeking the thrill of new projects and change only available in the freelance economy. We’re chief marketing officers, chief revenue officers, product managers, branding experts, digital marketing specialists, writers, creatives and more.

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Engineer by Trade. Marketer at Heart.


Integrated Marketing Strategist.



Revenue and market growth leader



Lead gen digital marketing expert

Corporate strategy, marketing, product and sales
advisory solutions on-demand

As fractional leaders, we possess the same wisdom and expertise as our full-time counterparts.

  • Industry and competitive analysis
  • Strategic advisory
  • Team structures and compensation
  • Corporate planning
  • Business plan preparation
  • Corporate workshops and events
  • Board-level presentations and speeches
  • Business development
  • Corporate, division, channel launches
  • Investment strategy and planning
  • Sales & marketing operations
  • Channel strategy and development
  • Product strategy and management
  • Internal and external messaging
  • Branding, public relations, analyst relations
  • Digital marketing, websites, social, SEO/SEM
  • Content marketing
  • Lead generation, marketing automation
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Data management
  • Sometimes you get so busy with a growing company, you forget to take the time to decide what you want to grow into. Laurel Bay helped us clearly define our vision, values and corporate mission. Partner, leading application integrator

  • We didn’t set a big budget for marketing, but it looks like we did. In just a short amount of time with Laurel Bay’s guidance, we were able to completely reposition our corporate identity and messaging, launch a better website and set new lead generation strategies in motion. Founder , Telecom Solutions Provider

  • Our fractional CMO's talent for collaborating across multiple teams made her an incredibly effective leader. She blended in so well, in fact, that many of our employees didn’t even realize she wasn’t a long-term hire. Founder & CTO data center solution provider