About Laurel Bay

About Laurel Bay Marketing - a strategic marketing agency

Laurel Bay Marketing is a full service strategic marketing and staffing agency. Our team of talented marketing leaders provide executive consulting as well as marketing, sales and product strategy for businesses of all sizes.

Our agency is comprised exclusively of contractors, a collective of seasoned industry experts – from fractional CMOs to outsourced marketing leaders to functional specialists – custom-tailored for every engagement. We’ll help you build your strategies and execute on all of your marketing projects too. We’re:

  • Seasoned executives who prefer the thrill of new challenges that come to contractors like us
  • Leaders in marketing, product and sales
  • Respected and proven industry veterans
  • Revenue-generating partners and collaborators
  • Technically-minded individuals with IT industry experience

Our story and vision

What if every company – no matter its budget, tenure or size – had access to the most experienced talent and successful strategies around? Placing them on equal footing with their toughest competitors on day one, not day 1000? Giving businesses the ability to compete against the big boys (and girls)? Achieving results typically beyond their means? That vision is the reason why Laurel Bay was founded. Our expectation is to provide all of our clients with the personnel, strategies, plans and results needed to not only be competitive, but victorious.


  • We provide you accomplished marketing, product and sales executives that are suited to your needs and passionate about your success
  • We can provide additional resources on-demand too, and positively impact your sales trajectory
  • We strengthen your market presence and revenues, no matter your size
  • We provide high-value and beyond-expectations results
  • Most importantly, we’re going to generate spectacular, winning results for you​

Our Clients

Our happy client list includes numerous healthcare, SaaS, cloud infrastructure, data center providers, managed service providers, IT consultancies and more.