I couldn’t be happier to announce the debut of my new venture, Laurel Bay – a marketing agency for tech, run by a tech!  So what is Laurel Bay?  Newly founded by yours truly, Laurel Bay is a B2B marketing consultancy.  I’m a CMO for hire with a fresh approach that will help you achieve greater visibility in the marketplace, generate revenue with clutter-busting demand creation programs, and grow your B2B, press, and analyst exposure.  Request a quote today!

So, I’m sure you’re asking… why Laurel Bay?  There are so many ad agencies out there already.  Why one more?  This is something different — Laurel Bay is perfectly tailored to you:

  • I understand your industry, your services and your technologies. I can help you make an impact immediately!  With a Master’s Degree in Engineering and decades (gasp) of experience as a Marketing VP at cloud, colocation companies, and services providers like you, I get it.  I understand your technologies, your industry pressures, and your speed of innovation. I speak your language.
  • Like cloud, I’m on-demand.  As a CMO for hire, you can utilize my services on your terms – when you need me for as long as you need me.  Whether you need strategy work, marketing execution, or sales operations and analytics – for a short term or long – you call the shots!
  • As a sole proprietor, I don’t carry the overhead of a large agency.  You’ll receive no-nonsense, non-fluff, high impact approaches and deliverables.  Don’t worry, I have a stable of partner resources that I can pull in any time to deliver exceptional end-to-end services. My approach keeps your costs predictable.

With my company launch this month I wanted to ensure you are among the first to know about Laurel Bay and my online community.  Please help me make my launch a success!  Contact me for your marketing needs, and subscribe to my blog to get free insights in your inbox.