Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO Services

Fractional CMO services – also known as interim, on-demand, or part-time services – are one of this year’s hottest employment trends. Just as Cloud revolutionized IT and Airbnb turned the hospitality industry upside down, now fractional hiring is revamping the c-suite. And why not? The ability to access critical skillsets on-demand is a strategic boon to businesses that need fast results without long-term commitment.

Hiring a fractional CMO marketer typically cost 30-80% less than full-time. They are ideal for:

  • Resource or time-constrained teams faced with ever-growing workloads
  • Budget-conscious businesses
  • Shifting needs or expertise not currently available in organization
  • New company, product or division launches
  • Businesses that want to overhaul a current strategy that isn’t working
  • Geographically constrained companies facing a narrow talent pool
  • Investors in need of strategic counsel or recommendations
  • Venture capitalists seeking due diligence of a company, market or service ​