Freelance marketing

Freelance marketing consultants

Freelance marketing consultants are the cornerstone of today’s gig economy. According to the Freelancers Union, in 2018 an estimated 56.7 million Americans freelanced – working over 1.07 billion hours per week. It’s predicted that over half the economy will freelance in some fashion by 2020.  Employers who embrace career freelancers and the gig economy will be setting themselves up for success since it is ideal for those that lack the time, monies, or the talent pool to bring marketing leadership in-house.

Laurel Bay Marketing freelance marketing consultants are successful, tenured subject matter experts in specific functional areas (such as digital marketing, lead generation, media relations, content creation and more) or industry verticals (such as technology, manufacturing, finance and healthcare) — all of whom have embraced the virtualized economy. They are:

  • Successful leaders who prefer interim assignments for the flexibility and freedom it provides
  • Problem solvers that seek the thrill of new challenges and rapid change
  • Turn-around experts with a desire to impact multiple organizations, sometimes in parallel
  • Specialists that can expertly apply their specific skillsets to a broad range of companies

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Full-time versus fractional CMO executive comparison

Full-Time CMO Marketing Executive Or None At AllFractional CMO Marketing Executive
CostLong-term, full time employee with executive-level slary, health and 401k benefits, and equity position
  • Access to deeper expertise than you budget would otherwise allow.
  • Pay-per-use on-demand resources ensure you don't overpay.
  • No FTEs, benefits or wquity hits you budget.
  • No geographic constraints.
  • Costs 30-80% of full-time CMO.
Knowledge & skillsetLimited to existing skill set of staff and self.
  • Tenured and proven track records that many companies can't afford on a full-time basis.
  • Possess specialized knowledge, skillsets and latest best practices.
  • We costom-trailor resources and specialties to address your needs.
Speed to marketMust schedule work to fit within existing responsibilities
  • Already knowledgeable in IT, Resources can make an immediate impact.
  • Focus Specifically on the programs you need in order to meet tight deadlines.
  • Not Limited by internal obligations or constraints.
PerspectiveAllegiance to existing vision, methodologies and practices
  • Objective and impartial viewpoints and fresh prespectives.
  • Ideal for new divisions, programs or ventures
OversightOther c-levels fill in when they can - without specific marketing expertise. Time and recource constraint means marketing takes a back seat in terms of priority
  • Self-starters hit the ground running requiring little to no supervision. Instead Laurel Bay supercises resources and activities, so you don't have to.
  • Our leaders expertly manage and complete tasks at highest quality levels.
  • Your team members can focus on their core competencies.
MotivationLong term team member with ever-increasing salary and equity stake.
May desire status quo to ensure career longevity.
  • We're turn-around experts that thrive on rapid, noticeable improvements and change.
  • We're not competing for jobs; instead we're a short-term extension of your team committed to setting your business up for long-term success.
  • We're motivated to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rating. That means we complete tasks efficiently that result in victorious results.