Our Name

Our name, Laurel Bay Marketing

Laurel Bay – it’s not just our name; it’s a symbol of victory and an aromatic spice in kitchens everywhere.

How did Laurel Bay Marketing get its name? Well, the laurel plant is an aromatic tree with green glossy leaves used as a seasoning spice. Common names include Bay Laurel or Sweet Bay.

The laurel wreath is a symbol of victory and honor. In ancient Greece wreaths were awarded to victors, both in athletic competitions and in poetic meets. In Greek mythology, Apollo wears a laurel wreath on his head. In Rome they were symbols of victory, crowning a successful commander during his triumph.

Because our promise is to lead every client to victory, and because our goal is to add spice and flavor to every brand we touch, we couldn’t think of a more fitting name and emblem to represent our team and our ideals.